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If you can't play tell your captian/teammates or contact Mike Peirce ( ) and we will do our best to find a sub. The sooner we know the better chance we have of finding someone to cover. You're only hurting your team if you don't show up or communicate!
Battleaxe vs “also Rans”!

Game on! Tuesday April 2nd @ 7 pm at Alpine!
Team Batteaxe Team Also Rans

Justin Hernandez                   Peder Skinner
Michael Getz                          Libor Zacek
Matt Walker                           Tyler Druschel
Ben Godsey                           Chris Protenic
Van Madrosky                        Jon Esposito
Daniel Carey                       Jay Gulcziewski
Kevin Mazella (Solomos fill in)         Geoff Zink
Patrick Sullivan                       Dylan Haddix
David Leightner                             Rory Nellis
John Spencer                           Jordan Myers
Mike Pearce                                Dave Philpot
Aaron Leichty (Van Fill in)                Jason Kempf
Derek Steinbrecher                         Cris Champine

Unfortunately, we are without Van Boudreau and Joe Solomos, so I have grabbed Kevin Mazzella and Aaron Leichty and knighted them honorary team Battleaxe players. If you see yourself named on this list and you CAN NOT make this game please let me know immediately and I will get a replacement player. Remember $10.00 per player to cover ice. I will try and get a ref.
Week 12 Highlights

David Leightner - 1st Goal

Justin Hernandez - 1g 2a 

Peder Skinner - 1g 

Derek Steinbrecher - Playoff MVP

Patrick Sullivan - Shut Down Skinner Line

Stat Watch
Week 12

Most Points: Peder Skinner - 32 Points

Most Goals: Tyler Druschel - 21 Goals

Most Assists: Peder Skinner 14 Assists

Most PIMs: Jon Esposito - 22 PIM

Lowest GAA: Brian George 4.09 GAA
3 Stars of the Week
Week 12

1st Star - Derek Steinbrecher – (Battleaxe)
Playoff MVP!

2nd Star - Justin Hernandez – (Battleaxe)
1 Goal 2 Assists!

3rd Star - Peder Skinner – (Alpine)
1 Goal!

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to promote and grow amateur Ice Hockey in the great state of Kentucky. We are a true Association of Ice Hockey players, that as members have a voice into the direction of the association. All funds will be transparent to all members and be used only for the following; the purchase of ice time, officiating and time keeping, improvement to our facilities, and growing the association.
Back to Back!
Is Battleaxe the best team in KAIHA history?
Can you say Dynasty? Back to back Championships for the first time in Kaiha history tells me everything I need to know! Battleaxe is the best team in Kaiha history. Facts are simply facts boys! This team is just too damn good! I think we need to keep this team, this dynasty together. How could we break such talent apart? Why would we dismantle this team? In fact if you took the best players from the three remaining teams, mixed them all together to make an “also ran” all star team, Battleaxe would still beat them. Hell, Solomos wasn’t even on the ice and Battleaxe handily beat Alpine 5-1.

Why? Because Derek Steinbrecher is a frigging Goalie God! Michael Getz has NHL speed, that is right, I said it!!! Justin Hernandez can dangle and snipe with the very best of them. Throw in the hands of Vadim Madrosky, the hustle of Matt Walker, the passing of Ben Godsy and the back checking of Daniel “Game Changer” Carey and it is no wonder this team has won two Pearce Cups back to back! Defensively we cannot be beat. Seriously, where were Peder and Tyler last night. Nowhere! They were completely shut down by the outstanding Defensive play of Patrick Sullivan and David Leightner. What! Peder got one Point! He has been averaging 3 per game. Peder and Tyler have been averaging 5 ½ points per game. This night they got 2 total combined points. This D is so good they even make Pearce unnoticeable. Well the fact that Van Boudreau covers three fourths of the ice while I am responsible for only one fourth does help. Regardless Team Batteaxe is KING OF THE WORLD!!!!!!

If this team wanted a challenge, who would make up the team of also rans? Well, from Alpine there would be Peder, Tyler, Libor and Nellis. From team Kaiha there would be Protenic, Jay G, and Boos. From Sprint you have Haddix, Espo, oh wait Espo still hasn’t paid so he is out… Leichty and Myers and for a little muscle we throw in Zink. This team is going to need Goalteding so I would put Cris Champine in net. You gave up five Brian George, gotta make a change. Not a bad team of also ran’s BUT My money is still on Battleaxe. We are keeping this team together. DID I MENTION THAT STEINBRECHER IS A GOALIE GOD?

I want to thank everyone for a fantastic Season! I did get a little freaked on liability and I will address this over the summer but rest assured we will have a season six and it will be better than ever. New teams will be drafted. The Goalies will be the Captains and we will have some new players joining I am certain. Please if you have a jersey in your possession try and get it in my hands soon so I can keep them all together…
Espo says he will pay me… I believe him… we will see
Top: Michael Getz, Ben Godsy,David Leightner, Joe Solomos, Justin Hernandez, Patrick Sullivan, Vadim Madrosky
Bottom: Daniel Carey, Derek Steinbrecher, Mike Pearce, Van Boudreau, Matt Walker, Missing: Jon Spencer